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Well-known brands and the leading electricity suppliers will be exhibiting

2021-01-06 11:11:28

“Along the way to share the happiness,” 2016 German (European) shopping festival hot in investment work

Well-known brands and the leading electricity suppliers will be exhibiting


As the city’s largest ever, the highest specifications, the activities most abundant shopping activities, “along the way to share the happiness,” 2016 German (European) shopping festival started since the investment aspects, it caused a major domestic and international well-known brands and leading highly concerned about the electricity supplier, all businesses have enthusiastically exhibitors.

According to event organizers said that at present, there are German Tupper Shun, Biteboge, Riesling, Pitt Zander, Evian, small chamomile, Seba, WMF, love his beauty, Hei Bao, more than 10 well-known brands the first exhibitors, exhibitors products include food, beverages, daily necessities, kitchen supplies, skin care products, cosmetic products, baby products and other categories. In addition, wine from Spain, Austria, the United States, Britain, France, Switzerland, Chile, Bulgaria, South Korea, Japan and other countries and Taiwan region, food, skin care products, daily necessities, toiletries, nearly 20 international industry-leading brands have presence, including Haagen-Dazs, Ferrero other well-known brands.

In terms of domestic investment, the organizers successfully invited to Moutai, Mengniu, Yili, Wong Lo Kat, Qingdao Beer, donkey-hide gelatin, the League of Nations Fisheries, King, green thin, Maofa, Audi toys, LAF care, more than 10 well-known brands enterprise jointly exhibitors. Jieyang local well-known supermarket Lotus, Yonghui will also carry prominent feature of New Year Shopping Festival debut this boutique.

Participation of well-known business enterprise is a major highlight of the shopping festival. Three squirrels (Lynx nuts first), vegetarian wild (micro-channel mall skincare first), Yan princess (Lynx nest first category), the lady home, Levin Kou (Lynx cosmetics first) , Ichikawa (Lynx daily use of a hundred), jade cat (male beauty Jade electricity supplier first platform) and children’s clothing, toys and other fields of electricity supplier hundred companies have been invited to more than 10 exhibitors.

According to reports, this shopping festival attaches great importance to the shopping experience in the field, whether it is like “sea Amoy” and “net purchases of people” still not good at the net purchase of consumer groups, in the shopping section can enjoy the same treatment, not only can save Online shopping waiting time and the high overseas direct mail postage, avoid the interference of many imitations, but mainly able to “zero distance” contact with many international brands, and to value the price to buy genuine.

Currently, the shopping festival is also stepping up trade promotion activities, the organizers has other well-known domestic and foreign quality brands invitation, ensure the completion of the expected investment objectives.

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